Novatouch ltd

Bestsellers in Home & Office range!

Who We Are?

Experrienced E-Commerce Company

Experienced in:

We are 6 years experrienced retail company in USA marketplace with estimated orders quantity over 1k per month covering all over the 48 states. Our annual USA revenue is over 360k$.

And we are looking for quality products and trusted suppliers to supply onto UK marketplaces.
In a nutshell, we are extremely experienced in e-commerce and we are testing UK market place as a new one.

But don't hesitate to try our sales technologies! We bet You'll enjoy this partnership for a long term.

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Our nature of business is Steering the Sales!

Here You will find the latest information about us.

We are a constantly growing and developing retail company. We provide a wide range of services and strive to never loose an edge over our competitors and bring a positive impact on the E-Commerce industry.